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What is Mosaic Tile, Exactly?

Mosaic Tile

What is Mosaic Tile, Exactly?

Mosaic tile is an amazing looking tile surface that adds a unique look to wherever it is added. Mosaic has been used in ancient art, making it one of the more distinguished types of tile and it functions a little differently than most.  At its core, Mosaic is created by assembling small pieces of colored glass, ceramic, stone and other materials into something called a tessera. Marble and Limestone are often used in Mosaic tiles and art as they are varied in color, and are soft enough to work well with glass materials. Now, how exactly did Mosaic make its way into civilization?


Mosaic Tile 2

Let’s take a journey back till around 1500 B.C. when the first glazed tiles started popping up. These are early forms of mosaic tile, not quite as elaborate as some later creations but the philosophy is still there, and they definitely stood out among other types of tile. However, things started getting far more elaborate when the Greeks and Romans came on the scene. Mythological subjects started being the focus of many mosaic creations. These works of art were often on the floors of many great structures like the palace of Carthage and the Villa Romana Del Casale.

The Test of Time

Mosaic tile has such a unique look and unusual construction that is has stood out among most tiles over time, and for many other good reasons. Mosaic floors were great for art but also doubled as a sign of wealth and importance. Mosaic tile indicated status, and the more elaborate the tile the wealthier one usually was. It helped that Mosaic was easy to clean, making maintenance far less of a chore than other types of tile and thus being cheaper in the long run. The reach of Mosaic tile has been far and wide thanks to the expansion of the Roman Empire. These tiles would show Roman history and the life of a Roman, solidifying Roman culture all across the world.

A Piece of History

Mosaic Tile 3

The importance of Mosaic tile is hard to overstate. Because of its emphasis on functionality and artistry, many mosaic sculptures were considered craftsmen in their time, and the art itself stood on its own. These craftsmen did not take credit for their work (for the most part) and simply saw the practice of Mosaic as a way of pushing roman culture and getting the best product available where it needed to be. Companies like JC Marble choose to honor this legacy and provide amazing mosaic tile all across Los Angeles!  Put a piece of history in your home today! And follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more on the amazing things that can be done with materials such as limestone, granite, marble and mosaic!

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