Tile Restoration | When Replacing Your Tile is Not an Option
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Tile Restoration

tile restoration

Floor Tile Restoration

If you’re interested in getting your flooring remodeled with tile restoration in Los Angeles, JC Marble can handle any size job! Apart from using natural stones, we also specialize in ceramic and porcelain tile restoration in Los Angeles. The durability of these particular types of tiles means they can last longer and even resist stains and dirt. But just like with natural stones, ceramic and porcelain tiles still need tile restoration services. Caring for your tiles is our number one priority.

We make sure to clean, polish, repair, seal, and restore your ceramic or porcelain tiles to look brand new.

Often times our customers look to us annually for tile restoration due to the condition of their home. Their floors are a hard part of daily maintenance that they don’t have time for. Stains, dirt, and other types of damage can become harder to remove over time. But with the tile restoration in Los Angeles that we provide, we can make any tile floor sparkle again.

Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Your kitchen and bathroom tiles will look breathless after our experts have transformed your countertops, backsplashes, and shower or tub surrounds.

Both ceramic and porcelain come in an array of colors and designs to outfit any kitchen or bathroom space. The benefit of using ceramic in your kitchen is that it happens to be on the cheaper end of the material spectrum. The benefit of using porcelain in your kitchen is that it’s less prone to moisture and stain absorption.

Think about all the sauce, water, and other liquids that find their way onto your countertops and backsplashes. Porcelain makes the tiles harder to stain and easier to clean. From your backsplashes to shower surrounds and the countertops in between, porcelain and ceramic can be the perfect choice for you.

And if you already have either or both in your kitchen and bathroom we’ll help revive their current state, by repairing, polishing, and restoring them.

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