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tile restorations

From Lee M :

I am a chef so my kitchen is my world. I had been living in my house for almost 20 years and started noticing how much abuse my kitchen counters had endured over the years. I was skeptical to trust anyone with my kitchen counters because I felt like no matter what anyone would do, it was be subpar to my standards. I couldn’t be happier about how wrong I was when I worked with JJ Marble. They came into my home and paid attention to every last detail in my kitchen. When they were done, it felt like I had exactly what I was looking for, if not more. Their work is honestly the best in town and their work ethic is what will make me going back to them for any refinishing jobs I have in the future.

From Marlene A:

Current styles and design trends are very important to me. When I first bought my house, I loved our natural limestone floors with the glossy finish. However, over the years, I felt like our floors were becoming outdated. I contacted JJ Marble to get a quote on how they can upgrade my house, at the best price. After answering many of my questions with great patience, we decided to keep the natural limestone floor but have it be with a matte finish. JJ Marble were incredibly clean, quick and courteous. After they finished, my home felt like it got the modern upgrade it needed to fit my standards. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone!

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