Stone Restoration Specialists | Making Your Stone Surfaces Look New
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Stone Restoration

stone restoration

Stone Restoration

Stone restoration is vital for any stonework in your home. Every home suffers from natural damages, stemming from children, pets, spills, and even scratches. Whether your natural stones are in the kitchen, bathroom, exterior, or part of your flooring throughout your house, stone restoration puts life back into your natural stones. We examine the stones and the space you want restored before performing our stone restoration services to ensure that we do the job properly. Our expert professionals have been handling natural stones for years and know how to treat each type of stone. Marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, and travertine are naturally beautiful stones to want to have in or outside of your home, and with our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in the field, we know how to restore all five types of natural stones.

Stone Floor Restoration

We want to make sure each room shines from the ground up. We use only the best and safest equipment, which includes a 70″ grinding floor machine to help with the grinding and leveling of any floor surface. Living in the Los Angeles area, we’re all used to tremors and the threat of earthquakes. As a result, ground can become uneven and has to be leveled. Apart from tremors and earthquakes, there are more natural signs of disasters to watch out for, ranging from dropping heavy items on the floor to dents and cracks from heavy furniture. Whether it’s granite repair or any other natural stone repair, this is an essential step to correcting damages. We focus on cleaning your floor, making sure that any and all dirt is removed from the area, giving your floor the deep cleaning it deserves.

After our stone cleaning services, we use a honing technique that helps remove minor flaws and helps smooth the stone. Then we polish the floor to create its shine using a wet sanding process instead of dry dust. Our expert professionals use the wet sanding process in marble polishing to keep the dust down and reduce the friction of abrasive materials. Sealing comes as the last part of your natural stone restoration. Sealing guarantees the stone’s freshness by sealing it and restricting the absorption of liquids, dirt and other contaminants. Because we have the best materials, we use the best sealant on the market to protect your natural stone flooring.

Exterior Restoration

Our exterior restoration services are similar to stone floor restoration, as we’re still transforming your natural stone to its brightest self. Since we also install the stones for you (not just repair and restore them) we can help you come up with ideas of where you want your natural stones to go. At JC Marble Restoration, we DON’T do cement or asphalt (due to the growing trend in customers wanting beautifully, custom designed stone and tile patterns) but we know how to install stones around the concrete areas you want, whether that’s a specific pattern walkway, or whether it’s installing a full on stone patio, walkway, or driveway. Be sure to read our latest blog that talks about various types of stone and how to restore their finish. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, which contains other useful tips regarding tile and stone maintenance.

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