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Stone Patio Restoration: The Growing Trend

Stone patio restoration

Stone Patio Restoration: The Growing Trend

We Restore Natural Stones

Stone patio restoration is imperative to keep your home looking fresh. We’ve all walked through someone’s home before only to find our way to the back of the house, stepping onto a patio that looks dull or lifeless. Cracks are seen throughout, possibly giving the home’s real age away. The house was nice. The decor, furniture, walls, flooring, all looking recently retouched, redecorated or restored. But the patio looks fraught as if there wasn’t even a consideration to restoring it back to its days and evenings of life and luster. But with patios, some people are confused with what to do with them. Especially when wanting to update from a cement patio.

In the last five to ten years we’ve seen an increase in stone patios and the removal of cement or asphalt ones. We’ve helped convert countless homes from concrete patios to natural stones, giving homeowners beautiful stone patio restoration. Personally, as a restoration company in the Los Angeles area, we’ve opted out of even dealing with concrete patios. Mainly due to how unpopular those finishes are for homeowners in LA. We’ve focused all our professional restoration skills on natural stones and tiles.

Rustic and Romantic

As Americans continue to look abroad for inspirational trends it’s no surprise that natural stones are being used, not only as walkways, and driveways but also as the material for patio surfaces. The old-world English “Stonehenge” feel with natural stones, provides a rustic look for residential exteriors without making your space look rusty. Natural stones also add an element of romance whether you’re dealing with marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, or travertine. Each one of the natural stones has a different texture to them but they all add a similar romantic effect for your patio space. Think of countless nights entertaining, on your patio with friends and family, cool winter nights with a book and a glass of wine, or even breezy summer nights staring into the star-filled sky. Your patio is a great place to spend more time on and you’ll want to with a new stone patio installed or restored. With our knowledge of natural stones and restoration, you’ll want to hire us for our stone patio restoration services. We’ll make your stone patio look and feel brand new after we clean, polish, seal, and even grind it. That goes for your driveway and walkways, too!

Your exterior shouldn’t be neglected because you’re used to paying attention to the inside of your house or tending to your back lawn and garden. The stones you use on your patio, driveway, and walkways have to be cared for as well. That’s what makes stone restoration an important part of keeping any stone you have, looking brand new. Interested in getting your stones installed or restored? Call us at (310) 429-1470 and we’ll set up a free consultation.

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