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Refinishing Bathroom Countertops

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Refinishing Bathroom Countertops

Countertops are important parts of the bathroom. They undergo a lot of stress from spills, water, moisture, heat, and more. How do you make sure your bathroom countertops stay pristine throughout their lifespan? You can’t replace them every time they get a bit worn or dated – that’d be too expensive and too wasteful. Instead, refinish your bathroom countertops and watch your bathroom come back to life.

What do you need to refinish bathroom countertops?

Once you know what kind of material your bathroom countertop is, you’ll be able to pick appropriate refinishing materials. Whether you have laminate, granite, or marble countertops in your bathroom, you can get the refinishing done. You can always opt to have a professional service refinish your countertops, but you also have do-it-yourself options at your fingertips.

If you plan on undertaking the process by yourself, you’ll need a bonding agent, sandpaper, and the surfacing material. If you have to fill in cracks or holes that occurred over time, you may need super glue or epoxy.

Alternatively, calling a professional service will let you rest easy knowing that you didn’t make any mistakes. It may be more expensive, though, given labor costs and overhead.

Is it cheaper to refinish bathroom countertops?

In general, it’s often cheaper to refinish or update countertops and other surfaces than it is to replace them. This is because the replacement process takes twice as long. You would need to completely remove the old counters, clean the area thoroughly, purchase new counters, and have them installed. You might need to wait a few days or even weeks for a company to free up or for the materials to come in, especially if you placed a custom order.

You can usually expect to pay about half as much if you plan on refinishing your countertops yourself.

How long do refinished counters last?

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Don’t replace – refinish! Photo by
Amira Aboalnaga on Unsplash.

A refinished countertop should not be mistreated, so always take care to clean up spills and not cause any damage to it. With appropriate maintenance, your bathroom countertops can go without the need to be refinished for more than 5 years. Some even report that their countertops stayed in great shape for a decade after refinishing them.

When can I use my bathroom countertops after refinishing them?

The great thing about refinishing your own bathroom countertops is the speed at which you can return to using them. If you were to replace the countertops, you’d need to wait for all the materials to be cleared away, any appliances to be reinstalled, and for the materials to settle. After refinishing the countertops, though, you can start to use them again about a day or two later. You won’t be inconvenienced at all, and your bathroom will stay completely intact throughout the process.

Restoration Services at JC Marble Restoration

If you have marble countertops, JC Marble Restoration can help you with cleaning or restoring them. We take pride in our work and will always make sure that your surfaces are as perfect as can be. To learn more about our services and restoration, give us a call today.

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