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Tips to Keep Your Marble Floor & Countertops Clean During the Holidays

caring for marble during the holidays

Tips to Keep Your Marble Floor & Countertops Clean During the Holidays

Protect Your Marble

The holidays are not only rough on your budget, but also your home when you’re hosting guests or throwing holiday parties. As a company that has been doing marble restoration for nearly 20 years, we know how important it is to make sure you keep your marble floors and countertops clean. During the holiday season, it can be hard to even keep your space clean, between out-of-town guests and the holiday parties that you’ll be hosting.

Preventative Care

One of the first measures that you can take before having people step into your home is to take some necessary preventative steps.

• Make sure it’s sealed properly: It’s easy for spills to get into your unsealed marble and to cause damage and even corrosion. This includes spills from harmful liquids such as; red wine, juice, soda, and even coffee.

• Put out coasters: This can’t be stressed enough. It’s vital that you not only put them out to prevent stains and liquid damage from your glasses, but you have to make sure they are easily visible for your guests. Try putting your coasters in places that are accessible to your guests, so they’ll naturally be inclined to use them.

• Food preparation: Always using a cutting board when preparing your food, whether you’re crushing garlic, dicing tomatoes, or simply garnishing your beverages with fruit, a cutting board can prevent damage to your beloved marble countertops.

• No shoes policy: We all know that shoes can cause a lot of destruction for your marble floors. From high heels and types of boots that can scratch up your floor, to dirt, mud, snow and water that can be brought in by the weather conditions outside. You can avoid any shoe issues, by asking guests to leave them outside, or by simply having a shoe rack and designated area by the front door for people to use when they enter. If you’re going to do the second option make sure that you have a floor mat upon entering, so guests can wipe their feet properly.

There’s Been a Spill…What to do Next?

So either someone wasn’t paying attention to the coasters, or tracked winter-white snow into the house without realizing it, or simply spilled their glass of eggnog all over your counter and it’s dripping onto your floor…don’t worry! In most cases, you’ll be able to treat the stains immediately before they do any real damage (particularly if the marble is sealed). But before we tell you what to use, it’s important to tell you what NOT to use so you don’t make any mistakes.

• Stay away from: Common generic cleaners like ammonia, bleach, and vinegar. Also, keep in mind that even popular name brand items can be too severe for cleaning up stains on your precious marble.

• Make sure to use: If you stay away from the products mentioned above, then you should make sure to buy products that are specifically for marble cleaning. In fact, here’s a list of Top Selected Products and Reviews on Amazon that you can use as an effective means to properly clean up.

With these tips, you’ll be able to stress less on your marble floors and countertops, and enjoy your guests and the holidays! However, if the damage is beyond repair, JC Marble Restoration is here to help! We’ve been restoring marble in homes for two decades in the Los Angeles area and have the ability to clean up marble easily, no matter where it is in your home. In fact, you can even call us for a free consultation at (310) 429-1470 or fill out our easy Contact Form and we can help you revitalize your marble today!

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