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The Importance of Having a Natural Stone Backsplash

natural stone backsplash

The Importance of Having a Natural Stone Backsplash

Make A Splash

If your kitchen is not currently using a backsplash, then you might be causing more damage to your kitchen than you think! At JC Marble Restoration, we’ve been working with natural stones for years; in kitchens, bathrooms, and even in commercial buildings. With the experience that we have, we’ve seen plenty of homes that are looking to update their kitchen space with natural stones. This usually includes countertops and the kitchen floor but some homeowners weren’t even considering having a natural stone backsplash before talking to us. We’ve seen firsthand, the damage that can be done in a kitchen, which is why we’re convinced that everyone needs to have a natural stone backsplash in their kitchen. Here are a few of the reasons why!


Between your kitchen sink and your stove, there are messes that are bound to happen, no matter how clean you may be. It’s easy to see how water damage can be caused by your kitchen sink. Washing dishes, washing food, washing your hands, water is bound to splash on the walls around the kitchen sink. Over time those walls can be vulnerable to water damage and even worse, cause serious mildew problems! A backsplash can actually absorb that water, splash by splash, unlike, an unprotected wall.

Your stove can be even more dangerous than the kitchen sink. The walls surrounding a stove are more susceptible to different types of stains than just water. Think about all the delicious dishes you love to cook (soups, pastas, etc.). With your favorite meals also come a lot of unintentional spills, stemming from those amazing ingredients you love so much. Unfortunately, some of those vibrant ingredients can cause stains that become harder to clean with time, especially when not cleaned immediately. Having a natural stone backsplash will keep that beloved area safe from all types of stains that you will encounter.


Just like with having your countertops refinished and your floors reworked in your kitchen, a backsplash is a perfect way to really make your kitchen unique. Create a complete look by considering natural stone backsplash for your kitchen. The fun part about your kitchen backsplash is that you can really play around with it, as opposed to having a typical wall in that space (that may or may not be painted). Here you can match the color theme of the cabinets and the countertops, create a unified look, and you can actually match the natural stone on your floor to your backsplash. A backsplash also has the capacity to make your stove and your sink stand out in a way that simple walls just don’t do.

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If you’re considering backsplashes now (and you should be) then call JC Marble Restoration at (310) 429-1470. We use beautiful natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo and travertine. Not interested in natural stones? We also work with ceramic and porcelain tiles. With speedy, friendly, and reliable services, we can have your backsplash ready in no time! And we work all over the Greater Los Angeles Area. You can also read our reviews on Yelp.

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