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JC Marble Restoration Customer Testimonials

JC Marble Restoration Customer Testimonials

In the mood for some JC Marble customer testimonials today? We sure hope so! We take a lot of pride in our craft and most of the time, we let our quality work speak for us. When you don’t have friends with marble flooring restoration referrals, it can be hard to navigate through the oversaturation of ads, online promotions and junk emails. Today, we’re not going to overwhelm you, we’re just here to say that our customers love the work we do, but you don’t have to take our word for it!

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One Word: Incredible

One word; INCREDIBLE!!! They did an absolutely fabulous job on our marble refurbishment. It looks brand new. They also cleaned our tile floors which look fab. I highly recommend them; you will be soooo happy with the results!! – Anonymous, 2020

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This Chef Gave Us a Michelin Star!

I am a chef so my kitchen is my world. I had been living in my house for almost 20 years and started noticing how much abuse my kitchen counters had endured over the years. I was skeptical to trust anyone with my kitchen counters because I felt like no matter what anyone would do, it would be subpar to my standards. I couldn’t be happier about how wrong I was when I worked with JJ Marble. They came into my home and paid attention to every last detail in my kitchen. When they were done, it felt like I had exactly what I was looking for, if not more. Their work is honestly the best in town and their work ethic is what will make me going back to them for any refinishing jobs I have in the future. – Lee M.

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Upgrade Your Floors for a Great Price in No Time

Current styles and design trends are very important to me. When I first bought my house, I loved our natural limestone floors with the glossy finish. However, over the years, I felt like our floors were becoming outdated. I contacted JC Marble to get a quote on how they can upgrade my house, at the best price. After answering many of my questions with great patience, we decided to keep the natural limestone floor but have it be with a matte finish. JC Marble were incredibly clean, quick and courteous. After they finished, my home felt like it got the modern upgrade it needed to fit my standards. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone! -Marlene A.

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Your Tiles: Cleaned and Sealed to Perfection

We needed our travertine shower tile cleaned and sealed.  Jimmy was quick to come out for an estimate and quoted a very fair price.  Jesus did an outstanding job!  Tile is perfectly clean now and the silicone edging was replaced.  The water beading on the tiles shows they did an excellent finish with the sealant.  For their work ethic, price and quality, I am glad to recommend Jimmy and his crew.  They are the best!- Dakota K., 2018

courteous customer testimonials

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Careful, Courteous, Thorough and Clean

JC Marble did a great job on my marble kitchen table and side tables. They restored, polished, and sealed everything! They were very careful of surrounding furniture and left the place very clean. It was easy to set up an appointment with Jimmy and the crew was very professional and nice. A+ – James L., 2018

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A Brilliant, Humble, Honest Team of Marble Restoration Specialists

The highest of thanks for this brilliant, humble, honest team at JC Marble.
We have used their services for over 10 years.  We love stone, and our stone porches were in horrible shape, rains, earth moving, cracks, and more.  They are white. They look like new again.  These are the kind of people I could hand my home keys to and walk away.  That is how much I trust them.  Their integrity, their commitment is the kind of character that is rare in the culture now. I don’t write reviews often but, I must with them. They also laid stone in two bedrooms and our upstairs foyer 10 years ago.  Looks like it was done last week.  They do more than stone they helped us put new stone above our bathroom cabinets 10 years ago as well.  They problem-solve for you…We wish you continued success Jimmy and Jose, and the team! – Bonnie C., 2018

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A Little Bit of a Fixer-Upper

JC Marble did an amazing job helping us with our stone floor and countertops. The condition of stone was not ideal when we moved in and our attempt to clean the surface had never reduced dullness. Time to get a pro. Jimmy came for estimation, explained cause of the stain/roughness and walked us through the process.

A proposal with details was delivered in a timely manner. On the scheduled date of restoration, Jimmy, Victor and Fermin showed up on time and meticulously protected surfaces connected to the area to be worked on. Jimmy was well-organized throughout the process – got the job done on time while the schedule allowed at least a shower to be available for use.

Courteous, professional and easy communication. We are more than happy to work with JC Marble. Thank you so much for the help and bringing the stone back to life! – Mel C., 2018

scheduling customer testamonials

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Friendly Service, Book Early!

JC Marble did an excellent job on my counters. They came and protected the area, sanded and sealed the counters and were very friendly. I will be using their service again. Book them early because they get very busy. I love my counters. Thank you. – Em M., 2018

When you’re ready to schedule your next marble restoration, look no further than JC Marble! With this cadre of stunning customer testimonials from Los Angeles to Malibu, you can’t go wrong. Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact us page! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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