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Commercial Tile Contractor

commercial tile contractor

A Tile Contractor You Can Trust

Our expertise spans nearly two decades as a commercial tile contractor. We work on any interior space in your business. From your kitchen and bathroom to your elevator or lobby, JC Marble Restoration restores your business’s natural stones and tiles so your space looks professional and clean.

We’re the perfect commercial tile contractor because we are licensed professionals who know what we’re doing and how to do it, all in a safe way that doesn’t impede your business’s work routine. What separates us from our competitors is our willingness to work with you. Our staff is not pushy and won’t pressure you to move forward with either a cleaning or restoration job. Let us know what you need and we will let you know a realistic expectation of what the work will include and what you can expect to pay for the services.

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Commercial Stone & Tile Restoration

We specialize in the following materials:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

Building stone restoration and business flooring can be done easily with us and depending on the size of the space, usually in three days. Does your business need stone or tile installation? We’ve got it. We do stone and tile installation on any space no matter how big or small.

High-traffic places like elevators and lobby floors are crucial spaces to have retouched every so often to keep them from looking dull or flat. That’s why we also do deep cleaning, polishing, and grouting to make sure your lobby, elevators, and other spaces get the winning treatment they deserve.

As a commercial tile contractor, here is a full list of restoration services offered:

  • Stone & Tile Installation
  • Lobby Restoration
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Stone & Tile Polishing
  • Stone & Tile Repairs
  • Kitchen Restoration
  • Bathroom Restoration
  • Elevator Restoration
  • Grouting

Contact us today if you’re looking to hire us as your next commercial tile contractor. We give competitive quotes as well as show you samples of what the space will look like. Our friendly contractors can answer any question or concern you have when it comes to your business and its stone and tile restoration needs.

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