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J C Marble Restoration


How to Clean Grout

When tile is placed, it needs to be held in place with grout. Grout is essentially the areas in between the tiles, often at a slightly lower level than the tiles themselves. Grout is very porous, so it’s easy for dirt, debris, and mildew to...

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Tips for Polishing Marble

For centuries, marble has appeared in homes, has been the primary material for structures, has been used to carve sculptures, and more. It’s a versatile type of limestone that architects and artisans alike love to use. However, marble can be damaged over time. Often, homes...

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man sanding

Wet Sanding

Sanding is the act of using sandpaper to smooth a surface. Sanding is used on all sorts of materials, from musical instruments to automobiles to floor tiles. It can be done by hand with small strips of sandpaper of varying “grits,” or roughness, or it...

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