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Bathroom restoration can transform any bathroom. At JC Marble Restoration, we can restore it with natural stones or tiles.
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Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom Restoration

Get the Bathroom That You Deserve!

Your bathroom is used probably more than any other room in your house (second to your kitchen) by you and your guests. This is why you should consider bathroom restoration. From tiles, showers, bathtubs, even bathroom sinks and toilets, there is a lot to consider when you’re updating your bathroom. You have to think about function, energy efficiency, and of course comfort! At JC Marble Restoration, we know how much you really want to remodel your home but sometimes can’t afford it. Bathroom restoration is the best way to create a remodeled experience in your home without having to dive deep into your bank account.

Where to Start?

You’re finally ready for your bathroom to be renovated but you don’t know where to start. The first place you should begin is considering your bathroom’s function. More than likely you enjoy the way your bathroom currently functions but may want to update the decor and style. Or maybe you’ll find that you’re over your current bathtub and bathroom sink and want those completely renovated. In either scenario, spend a little time thinking about what works and doesn’t work about your current bathroom before you spend money and resources renovating.

Stone vs. Tile

Now that you’ve thought about the design and layout, you need to choose a material that will work for you. The difference between the types of stones and tiles we work with usually depends on your personal preference. Some homeowners love stone over tile, marble over limestone, even porcelain over ceramic. Our website does a very good job of breaking down each of the natural stones and tiles so you’ll have a better idea of what makes them different and what they look like. Click here for natural stones and here for tiling. Making a choice between the natural stones and the tiling could be the first step into an overall theme you want for your new bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas

Aside from Pinterest, you can get great design ideas from websites like House Beautiful, which showcases 135 ideas to make any bathroom feel like an at-home spa. Complete with images and concepts, they do a good job of showing unique bathrooms that have different elements to them, whether they are modern, old-country, or dramatic styles. For those with smaller bathrooms, Freshome displays 30 small and functional bathroom design ideas for cozy homes. You’ll love the themes, colors, and textures from both House Beautiful and Freshome. You’ll be guaranteed to find something that you want us to use for your bathroom renovation.

JC Marble can have your bathroom renovated in no time! Call us today for a free consultation at (310) 429-1470. We’ve been restoring homes for nearly 20 years and our professional experts will help your bathroom look brand new!

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