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Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Kitchen

Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Kitchen

Adding a kitchen island can be an added bonus to the space. If you’re currently thinking about adding an island, then there are a few things that you should consider (and they’re all great incentives to do it!)

Extra Seating

A kitchen becomes more versatile when extra seating is available around the island. Think stools or high chairs that can fit around your island, adding a few more seats. This allows more seating in case your dining room table is full, or a cozier place to eat when it’s just a few people.


A kitchen island can actually add another cabinetry section. This is a creative way to add more store to your kitchen without overwhelming the room. One of our ideas is to use glass cabinets for your island if you have colorful items that you want to display.

Consider Your Space When Adding a Kitchen Island

Remember to consider the space that you currently have in your kitchen and what you normally use it for. For example, do you like to bake? Are you always hosting guests? Do you need extra storage? Figuring out your kitchen usage and how an island can enhance it, will help give you the space that you truly want, whether you’re looking to get a small island or a large one.

Martha Stewart Modern Kitchen Island Tip

A great tip from Martha Stewart is to remember the triangle.

“The kitchen work triangle is an imaginary line connecting the center of the cooktop to the center of the sink to the center of the refrigerator in a triangle shape. This triangle should not cut through the island by more than 12 inches.”

The kitchen work triangle is used to determine efficient kitchen layouts, so keep the triangle in mind when playing with the layout of your island.

Need more inspiration? Check out this really great gallery of some creative kitchen island ideas on Houzz. At JC Marble Restoration, we know plenty of ways to have your kitchen remodeled or restored. Adding a kitchen island is an amazing way to get more from your kitchen while changing the layout and adding storage, extra seating, or just another area to use for the sink or for cooking.

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