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5 Signs to Remodel Your Kitchen

A kitchen can be a sanctuary.

5 Signs to Remodel Your Kitchen

A kitchen can be a sanctuary.

Remodeling your kitchen can reinvigorate your love of cooking. Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash.If you want to remodel your kitchen, you can’t simply decide to do so and finish over the weekend. There’s a lot of planning required and a lot of materials to buy, as you don’t want to get halfway through the process and decide that you don’t like the design of the cabinets or the color of the countertops.  If you’re hesitant about remodeling because of cost or time, think about the benefits a new look or improvement can have. In fact, you may be in need of a kitchen remodeling, but you haven’t noticed the signs. So, here are 5 signs it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

The Kitchen Has an Impractical Design

Have you ever been in a kitchen with a large, U-shaped island with narrow tops? Or one where there’s no way to have more than 2 people standing near a serving area? Well, we have, and an impractical design in your kitchen could be a huge sign for you to remodel. Sometimes, you have nights where you aren’t the only one cooking, and the more crowded it gets, the more likely it is for arguments to break out or for someone to mess up a key part of the recipe. With a kitchen remodeling, you’ll be able to effectively dictate the space, both to move and to store.

Your Kitchen Appliances are Outdated

No one wants to go through the potential trouble of buying new appliances, especially if the old ones get the job done. However, the older that some appliances get, the more common it is for them to break down and require maintenance and replacement. Refrigerators, for example, may lose their power over time and keep food less cold than they used to. They could also have broken water lines and start to leak more often. Your stove may waste gas, and your oven may take much longer than normal to hit up to a reasonable temperature. Updating your appliances is a natural step in kitchen remodeling.

You Lack Counter Space

Need more counter space? Remodel your kitchen to increase it.

Ample counter space to store ingredients, appliances, and dishes! Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash.

Adequate counter space is a massive part of a functioning kitchen. You need an adequate area to chop vegetables, mix spices, separate ingredients, and keep appliances. When that space is diminished, you’ll feel cramped and closed off. You may have to move appliances all the time; you might only be able to prepare one dish at a time. Remodeling your kitchen can give you more counter space, ending your struggle with tiny areas, inefficient preparations, and insufficient storage.

Your Kitchen is Damaged or Worn

The kitchen sees a lot of use, and as such, it can take a lot of damage through wear and tear. What may have started as a pristine space could have deteriorated into something in desperate need of an update. The cabinets may be flaking or peeling; the tiles may be cracked; the countertops may have chips and dents. If decades went by without any updates, it’s probably time to remodel your kitchen.

Mold is Growing

Mold is one of the worst problems a house can have, especially a kitchen. Black mold can cause respiratory damages, and it may not always be readily visible. It can grow behind cabinets or behind appliances, places you seldom check or clean. A bad case of mold can necessitate a kitchen remodeling; you can get everything brand new and deep clean the kitchen while you’re at it.

Remodel Your Kitchen Countertop Today!

If you have marble or granite countertops that you’re fond of but you don’t want to replace during a kitchen remodeling, contact JC Marble Restoration for help. We can make sure your countertops return to their original luster and glory. Your kitchen is an important room – watch for the signs if it’s time to remodel.

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