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5 Luxury Bathroom Additions

A sleek sink

5 Luxury Bathroom Additions

Your bathroom should never be an afterthought – it deserves equally as much attention as the rest of your home. All the comforts and luxuries you splurge on for the master bedroom and living room should also be present in the washroom. There are a lot of styles you can choose if you want to upgrade your bathroom, but these few luxuries and amenities will make you want to spend even more time in the bathroom. We’ve got 5 luxury bathroom additions below for you to consider when you’re starting your next project!

Dark bathroom

A bathroom mood. Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash.

Heated Floors

One of the worst feelings is stepping out of a hot shower into a chilly bathroom. To warm the bathroom up, you could use wall units and built-in electric heaters, as well as portable space heaters, but heated floors are a great alternative. They provide an even spread of heat to the floor and the air, and they take up no space whatsoever, as they are installed beneath the flooring. The best part is you can use heated floors no matter what kind of flooring you have, whether tile, wood, or concrete. They’re a great luxury addition if you’re remodeling!


The bathroom is generally where we prepare ourselves for the day, for events, and for outings. It helps to have the most natural lighting present, but it can be hard to achieve that with builder-grade fixtures. Skylights (and sizeable windows) can provide all the natural light you need during the morning and afternoon. Plus, being able to feel the sun on you in your home is a huge plus.

Modern Sinks

A sleek sink

A sleek sink and counter design. Photo by Kirill on Unsplash.

Interior design has taken leaps forward in the design of sinks, and you don’t only have to pick the same old tired white porcelain. There are now sinks made of stone and granite, sinks built into vanities, and even sinks made of bronze! Of course, you can’t simply select a modern sink and not have it fit in with the rest of the bathroom, so make sure your set up allows everything to match.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

A wall-mounted toilet is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom. They save a lot of space, and the minimalist design can make them fit in with any bathroom style. They’re much easier to clean, as well, as they’re suspended off the floor. Further, because the plumbing is situated behind the wall, they’re easier to fix and unclog.

Wet Bathrooms

If you want a truly luxury option, consider a wet bathroom, which involves waterproofing everything within the bathroom to save space. There is no more need for shower curtains, frames, or rods, as nothing is separated. It’s a more open area and is a popular choice for modern homes, especially as the master bathroom in master bedrooms.

Planning a bathroom remodel?

If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom and you have tile, marble, or granite countertops or floors, you might need restoration services. It can be hard to maintain these luxury bathroom additions, especially if you’re using a tough material. Don’t hesitate to give JC Marble Restoration a call, and your bathroom will come out looking pristine and perfect!

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