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2021 Kitchen Trends: From Utilitarian to Quirky

2021 Kitchen Trends: From Utilitarian to Quirky

Kitchen designers are beginning to sniff out the latest and greatest kitchen trends hitting social media and magazines this year! 2021 kitchen trends are in! We’ve picked a few of our favorite trends that are really turning heads!

Tiled Rangehood Photo by Clé

Integrated Rangehood

Do you have a backsplash on your kitchen wall? Add the same tile to your rangehood so that it looks like it’s part of your backsplash. It’s all the range!

Bright White Kitchen Photo by housebeautiful.com

Bright White Spaces

This one’s a classic. White quartz countertops and bright white tiles on backsplashes and floors are great ways to visually expand your kitchen space. We recommend porcelain tiles to wrap up this classic and crisp look. You also can add a little warmth by incorporating bronze fixtures and natural wooden cabinetry.

Colorful Backsplash Photo by Olivier Koning

Colorful Mosaic Backsplashes

2021 definitely needs a little spring in its step! Why not add a colorful mosaic to your monochrome or rustic kitchen to lift your spirits? Choose any number of bright tile pieces to achieve the desired effect. As long as it sparks joy, the sky’s the limit!

Terra Cotta Tiles Photo by Haris Kenjar

Terra Cotta Tiles

Adding terra cotta tiles to your floor or backsplash can add warmth to your kitchen space. There is a rustic-ness to these tiles that really adds character to any space, but it will give your kitchen a comforting, earthier feel.

Photo by Augustine Wong on Unsplash

Black or White Marble Countertops

Black and white marble countertops never go out of style, but we’re predicting that they’re going to be the most popular this year by far! They have a clean, classic look that can be styled with any kitchen- whether you’ve got your eye on a modern update or a return to the rustic.

Textured Tile by Kristine Morich X Clayhaus Modern Tile

Artisan Flair

Designers have seen an uptick in kitchens that are trending more on the side of artisanal decor and tilework for their kitchens. They’re not shying away from complex designs and mosaics. Textured tile on your kitchen backsplash will surely attract compliments if you’re taking a Zoom call in the kitchen!

Walk-in Pantry Photo by innovatehomeorg.com

 Walk-In Pantry

People are spending more time in their homes, so it’s no surprise that they’re eating at home more frequently! This has lead to expanded pantry spaces to make more room for dry goods. Adding a tile floor to your walk-in pantry will help to make cleaning up messes and spills simple.

What do you think of these 2021 kitchen trends? Did we miss anything? Let us know below!


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