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2018 Kitchen Trends: 3 That You Should Know About

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2018 Kitchen Trends: 3 That You Should Know About

At JC Marble Restoration, we deal with kitchens daily. Often times our clients will ask us questions about what we think about colors and patterns. Not just with the marble and tile that we use, but sometimes with how our restoration and refinishing will help enhance their kitchen. After searching online for a lot of different trends popping up in 2018, we wrote down three 2018 kitchen trends that you should really know about!


Storage space and cabinets can be functional as well. In 2018 you’ll see a big trend for “appliance garages.” An appliance garage functions as a regular car garage, but with cabinets. The great part is there is more than one style of appliance garages. Contemporist put together a list of the different styles.

• Rolling Doors
• Folding Doors
• Lift Up Doors
• Sliding Doors
• Rising Garages
• Tuck-in Doors

What’s great about appliance garages is that they are not only functional but also fun. Instead of boring cabinets that just swing or pull open, you have a chance to create a more unique way to open up to find your appliances.

Two ways to add more functionality to your kitchen:

• Sensor-activated lights
• Transformative Taps

Industrial Style

There are many different ways to achieve an industrial look in your kitchen. Adding metal elements is the easiest option. From metal accent pieces to using full-on copper stovetops and appliances, you can add a textured feel to your kitchen that feels stylish and modern. For a more rustic look without metal, try using black marble top with warm oak surfaces as Interiorzine suggests, to give you a contemporary composition. “The combination of robust dark materials and warm wooden structures (with a vintage flavor) is always a winning combination when it comes to modern kitchen design.”

Mix Countertop Materials

What we love most about this trend is the idea of using beautiful natural stones (like Marble, Granite, Limestone, Terrazzo, Travertine) with wood. You could do two types of “mixes,” side by side or front and back. This really depends on the kitchen space that you have. Using natural stones are a great way to add texture to your kitchen when you’re pairing it with solid wood. Marble is perfect for a lighter look for your kitchen when the décor is generally light. So think of matching it with a lighter wood color, or even with solid white countertops. Granite is perfectly matched with solid colors and designs. Limestone is a great companion for any type of countertop because of the neutral colors it tends to come in. Terrazzo uses livelier, decorative patterns, pairing it with glass would give it a sleek appearance. Lastly, Travertine looks great next to porcelain tiles.

New Year, New Kitchen

Hopefully, these three trends will inspire you to move forward into 2018 with an updated kitchen appearance. If you need anyone to help with your stone or tile needs, JC Marble Restoration is the place. Whether you’re remodeling or restoring what you have, we can get your kitchen finished and looking brand new! Get in touch today at (310) 429-1470!

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