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These 2017 Kitchen Trends Will Inspire Your New Kitchen

These 2017 Kitchen Trends Will Inspire Your New Kitchen

This year you could have the kitchen that you want! Looking at our list of 2017 kitchen trends can inspire your next kitchen renovation. At JC Marble Restoration, we have helped restore and renovate countless kitchens. In fact, we’ve helped homeowners fall in love with their kitchens all over again. But the key to having an updated kitchen is by thinking about your personality and whether or not you’re interested in keeping a particular trend around for at least a few years.

Most homeowners can’t afford to have their kitchen renovated every year, but being able to have it updated for at least three to five years can keep your kitchen feeling refreshed. You’ll want to try these 2017 kitchen trends!


White is a trend that has been around for over a year or so for kitchens. Part of what has made this such a popular trend is the freshness that the color white gives. In fact, white appliances are even easier to clean than stainless ones, which smudge quite easily. If you’re not crazy about an all-white kitchen consider using white cabinets and backsplashes as the focus color but add textured countertops to create a stylish look. Think of a white kitchen as your perfect oasis.

Graphic Tiles

This trend brings some European flair to your kitchen. Today we’re seeing more and more homeowners wanting to have fun with their tiling and graphic tiles definitely stand out! With more vibrant tiles you’ll create a space that looks stylish and fun. Tiles are durable so think of them as a way to add fashion to your kitchen through flooring and backsplashes. We actually specialize in tiles and can easily add porcelain or ceramic tiles to your kitchen. The great part is without even touching your cabinets and appliances, you can find tiles that match your current theme and just have your floor and backsplashes replaced! Don’t worry about getting crazy colors either, if you’re interested in more neutral colors. Graphic tiles still look great in neutral colors.

Touch Activated Faucet

So this may seem a bit like a luxury item to add to your kitchen (not to mention it can be a little on the pricey side). However, this will actually help save you money on your water bill, and it helps save water when California is in and out of a drought. For those who love to cook, a touch-activated faucet is worth the investment.

Remember to Consider the Space and How You Use It

We can’t stress enough about the fact that you’ll need a kitchen that is functional for you. This means having new spaces created for your use. For example, if you’re finding yourself spending more and more time in your kitchen, think about using the drawers for multifunctional purposes. A great way to do this for some is setting up docking/charging stations inside your drawers. This accommodates the devices in a stylish and practical manner. In today’s drawers, we’re even seeing built-in USB and electrical connections.

If you’re constantly having dinner parties and plenty of guests in your kitchen, make sure to create a space that is spacious enough for people to move through more freely, which means if you were considering adding an island as an addition, you may want to rethink that. Having plenty of guests also means you should have plenty of clear countertop space, for drinks and plates, because guests will need space to put the belongings that they don’t want to hold during casual conversation.

We’ll Help You Renovate Your Kitchen

Rethink your kitchen with these 2017 kitchen trends. There’s nobody better place than JC Marble Restoration to do it for you! We work with natural stones, as well as ceramic and porcelain tiling and we can help you renovate your kitchen. Call (310) 429-1470 today for a free consultation.

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