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Mosaic Tile

What is Mosaic Tile?

Mosaic tile is an amazing looking tile surface that adds a unique look to wherever it is added. Mosaic has been used in ancient art, making it one of the more distinguished types of tile and it functions a little differently than most.  At its...

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Marble fissures

Finding High-Quality Marble

Marble is one of the most luxurious materials on the planet, but its luxury comes at a risk. Much of marble’s beauty comes from the imperfections within the tile, which makes it temperamental. Too many imperfections may give the appearance of beauty while undermining the...

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5 Famous Uses of Marble throughout History

5 Famous Uses of Marble Throughout History

The uses of marble are vast and plentiful, and with that comes some very iconic implementations of this marvelous material. Marble makes up the base for some of the most recognizable structures throughout history, from large scale public buildings to artful statues that have been...

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Bathroom Restoration

Get the Bathroom that You Deserve! Your bathroom is used probably more than any other room in your house (second to your kitchen) by you and your guests. This is why you should consider bathroom restoration. From tiles, showers, bathtubs, even bathroom sinks and toilets, there...

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